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Aid in an Unstable Middle East

Sen John Kerry is calling for additional US intervention in unstable Arab countries.

With growing turmoil in the Middle East, more and more parties are calling for the United States’ intervention with asserting democracy in countries that have seen nothing but a dictator for decades.  Tunisia was able to successfully peacefully overthrow a historic regime and institute future election all on their own, which was followed by Egypt’s recent overthrow.  Both of these countries will be able to look back in a hundred years and know that it was their people that started change.  Despite this, some lawmakers in Washington are calling for the US to directly interdict democracy in the countries that have seen rising protests.

In Libya, there have been many calls for the US to establish a”No Fly Zone” over the country to prevent President Qaddafi from mobizing troops and using his Air Force on his people.  There have also been calls for the US to launch air strikes on Libyan military targets, which would be a drastic step from our current position.  Despite all this, there has not been one request from the Libyans themselves.  The rebel forces have established committees to govern, yet they have asked for no help from America.

Senator John Kerry has called for less intrusive measures in the form of economists, election and rebuilding specialists, along with a long term financial package.  Kerry is quoted as saying,

“I am convinced a significant financial commitment by the United States to assist in this monumental and uplifting transformation is key to its long-term outcome and our relationship to it,” found here.

This all comes at a time when our country is in its own financial crisis and both parties are having a hard time agreeing on what to make cuts on.  On top of this, Libya is already one of the top recipients of foreign aid from the United States, due to its key position in oil market and Qaddafi’s previously tough stance against Al-Qaeda.

Regardless of our financial position, the United States is already viewed as the bad neighbor who is imposing democracy on an unwanted audience in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our leaders need to focus on fixing the problems we’ve cause and rebuilding our image in the region.  If we are to walk into another country preaching democracy, we are going to lose any remaining credibility.

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