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Bill to Cut Aid to Pakistan

Current aid to Pakistan is coming under scrutiny

Due to the recent discovery of Osama Bin Laden a few kilometers from the Pakistani Military Academy in Abbattabad, leaders around the world have raised concern over the aid being poured into Pakistan.  Multiple countries are saying they will be conducting reviews into what Pakistan knew of the Al Qaeda leadership in their country.  This prompted a Texas congressman to put legislation on the floor that would cease aid to Pakistan until the US State Department can certify to congress that the Pakistani government had no prior knowledge of Bin Laden’s location.

It didn’t help that following the attack the Pakistani government came out saying that they have no control over their territories and condemning the US attack.  Meanwhile is Islamabad, residents were rallying in support of Osama, despite the rest of the world’s apparent satisfaction in his death.

Ted Poe, the congressman proposing the bill says that Congress has already apportioned 3 billion dollars to Pakistan for this year and that this money should be withheld until they can prove their innocence.  Even worse is the fact that Pakistani officials in the Abbattabad region met with land owners recently to make sure they kept quiet the connection between land owned in the region by a terrorist group called Hizbul Mujaheddin; rumored to be sponsored by the Pakistani government, evidenced by the above (reported by Canada’s Globe and Mail).

Despite this fact, Pakistan has been a long time ally in the fight on terrorism and will be key in the future due to their possession of nuclear weapons.

Source: Times of India

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