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Food Aid to North Korea

The US and South Korea have been accused of withholding food aid to the DPRK

Former President Jimmy Carter recently accused the United States of withholding food aid to North Korea because of political reasons, which he called a ‘human rights violation’.  In the 1990’s over 3 million people died in the communist state from starvation.  The UN Food Program says that they are  making plans to deliver food to the impoverished country.  North Korea itself recently came out requesting support in the form of food, as their distribution supplies are expected to run out this month.  The UN program says that they will be highly monitoring the operation to ensure the food gets to where it needs to be.

Former President Carter visited Pyongyang last week to personally view the conditions in the North and to attempt for force his own view on the US policy that shed him 35 years ago.  The former peanut farmer was quoted as saying, “One of the most important human rights is to have food to eat, and for South Korea and the US and others to deliberately withhold food aid to the North Korean people is really a human rights violation.”

US State Department rep, Jacob Sullivan responded by saying, “As you know well, the North Koreans were the ones who abruptly suspended the aid program in 2009, ordering our humanitarian personnel to leave the country and leave behind 20,000 metric tons of US food.”

Despite this, Carter plans to continue pressuring the current administration on a variety of issues.

Source: BBC News

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