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US Mistrusts Pakistan’s Intelligece Service

The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence has come out reporting that they were conducting operations in Abbottabad as early as 2004.  The ISI is accusing the US of disregarding information they had come across.  The intelligence agency claims that they were following Al Qaeda couriers which lead to the location of 3 safe houses in Abbottabad in 2003 or 04.  They are claiming that one of those safehouses could’ve been the one US forces raided on May 1.

US Department of Defense have shown satellite photos that clearly indicate the plot of land where Bin Laden lived was a field in 2004.  This comes after Islamabad has attempted to save face from the mounting pressure they are recieving on the internal and international levels.  They are being pushed to come up with evidence that they are making strides towards fighting terrorism.  US officials are saying they have heard nothing of the earlier operations.

US officials have reason to doubt ISI claims.  When the Taliban came to power in the 90’s in Afghanistan, they were backed by the ISI and have given them free rein moving across the border since.  India has accused the spy agency multiple times of orchestrating attacks against their country.  High ranking US officials such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen have previously accused the ISI of supporting the Taliban and of knowing Bin Laden’s location.

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