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JMU Debate vs WVU [Event]


The JMU debate team took on WVU for the first debate of the semester.  The two teams were debating over giving amnesty to current illegal immigrants.  Overall WVU did a better job of speaking to the audience, they sounded more human.  They also used specific numbers and called JMU out on their unspecific informaiton.  JMU also used a lot of hypothetical situations.  Both teams opened with a definition from Webster’s which is both boring, cliche, and irrelevent.

WVU also said they have no direct alternative to a amnesty, which didn’t sound good.  JMU didn’t do a good job of discrediting the opposing team, they just called them racist.  Granting amnesty would cost taxpayers $35 billion which definitely caught the attention of the audience.  JMU was unspecific on what granting amnesty would actually mean.

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